Happy News for WhatsApp Users: New Update Coming..!

WhatsApp, one of the most popular SMS processors in the world, has just released a very useful update. It’s one of the most sought after items in the world. WhatsApp Processor also has a voice message feature that allows users to record and send information in their own voices.

In this case, the company has come up with a new useful change in the voice message feature. Usually when someone sends a voice message on WhatsApp, you can click on his name and see the message he just sent in the chat window. The voice message will stop automatically when someone comes out of the chat window.

In this case, we are currently playing voice messages on WhatsApp, and even if it comes out of the chat window, it is reported that the voice is on the back. It has been reported that you can play similar audio files. This update is currently only released for the Apple iPhone.

IOS version 22.4.75 can use this feature. This feature has been released to facilitate chatting with others while listening to one’s voice message. No information has been released as to when this update will be released to Android users. You can not use this feature in WhatsApp heat as well.

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