Face ID With Mask! How To Use The Super New Update On iPhone?

The world has been battling the deadly virus Covid-19 for the third year in a row. Although corona controls have been completely relaxed and relaxed in many countries since the vaccinations began, people are still in a situation where they have to wear masks for their protection. The mask is still mandatory in most countries.

In this condition, people go through minor problems that they face in their daily life due to wearing face mask. One of these minor issues is that Face Id cannot be used on our mobile phones. Many people have given Face Id unlock to some important processors in their mobile phone. Before the Corona came, no one thought such a problem would come.

Now, we can not scare the Face Id unlock on the mobile phone soaked in our thought time because we are forced to wear the mask in almost every environment in public places. In this case, Apple has given a new update that allows its users to use Face Id unlock without interruption even if they are wearing a mask. Although this is only reported for a few conflicts, it is seen as a good effort.

Apple has announced that this new update is only for iPhone 12 and above models.

What does Face ID have to do with the mask?

For this feature to work you need to make sure your iPhone has iOS 15.4, then go to the “Face ID and Passcode” option in your iPhone settings where you can enable and disable the feature. Once this feature is enabled, you will need to re-register your Face ID while wearing the mask. Apple claims that users need to wear the mask properly for the feature to work properly

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