Do you know what is the use of scratch screen mobile?

It is very important to protect your hands from your mobile screen.

Even if there is a small scratch on the screen of the mobile phone there is a possibility of some anomalies for those who use it without magnifying it.

For example, a Malaysian person used a screen-infected mobile phone, causing damage to his fingers and palms. Some invisible particles on the broken mobile screen affected his hands.

Similarly, 23-year-old Aswan Iqbal Abdullah has been using a mobile phone with a broken screen for some time. Because of this he went to the point of losing his finger.

Yes! Particles in the screen in his hands were surgically removed, thus avoiding the greatest damage he could have suffered. If he had not noticed this for some more time he would have lost his thumb.

If the screen on a mobile is broken it will do just that to keep the cost when replacing it. But if you look at it, you will have problems and you will have to experience conditions like surgery, infection and extreme pain.

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