What happens if the smartphone is still connected to the mains after it is 100 percent charged?

The use of smartphones is constantly increasing. At the same time many people complain that the batteries do not stand for a long time and run out of charge quickly.

Thus there are a lot of people who charge late. This means that even after 100 percent charge, many people do not take it out of the electrical connection.

Nowadays when charging smartphones there is no need to doubt that the charger will explode if it is still in the connection even after 100 percent charge.

Lithium-ion (li-io) batteries are used in the equipment we use, including cell phones and laptops.

The speed of the current will start to decrease after the efficient lithium ion battery is charged to 98%. After that the current will stop completely after reaching 100%.

Battery types, including previously used lithium carbonate, may have problems such as exploding if charged too long. It has now been revealed that such doubts are not necessary.

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