How To Easily Delete Search History On Smartphone?

The Internet is not always a safe place! We often see how our personal details are stolen.

That way, you have access to your browser with the utmost security. If you’ve left your information unseen for a long time in most web browsers, you may have trouble logging in to other websites.

To avoid this you may need to delete your Church History, cache history and cookies from time to time.

Doing so will protect the data and increase the speed of the cell phone.
All activities will be displayed here. In it, click on Delete on Activity.

Tap on All Time.

Now give Next and tap on Delete. Now, your search history will be completely deleted in a single attempt.


Open the Chrome App.

Tap on the 3 dots in it and select History.

Tap Clear Browsing Data.

You can choose from which day you want to clear the data. Tap on All Time to delete everything.

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